What is head in hydro power plants?

March 23, 2022
4.2 Head losses and Net Head

Now you have a basic comprehension of hydro system elements, it’s time for you to start evaluating your personal hydro energy potential.

Before you begin making plans for your methods or calculating exactly how much power might create, you will need to make four crucial measurements:

1. Mind (the vertical length betwixt your consumption and turbine)

2. Flow (just how much water comes down the flow)

3. Pipeline (Penstock) size

4. Transmission Line size

In this part, we are going to talk about how to make these dimensions and just how they impact the design and performance of the hydro system.

HEAD and FLOW would be the two most important facts you need to know regarding the site. You just cannot move forward without these measurements.

Your face and Flow should determine everything regarding the hydro system – pipeline dimensions, turbine type, rotational speed, generator dimensions – every thing. Also harsh cost estimates should be impossible and soon you’ve assessed Head and Flow.

In addition remember that accuracy is important. Unless your measurements tend to be accurate, you can end up with a hydro system made to the incorrect specifications, making less power at a higher cost-per-watt than would otherwise be feasible.

MIND is pressure, created by the real difference in height amongst the intake of one's pipeline, along with your water turbine. Mind can be measured as straight distance (foot or meters) or as force (weight per square inches, newtons per square meter, etc.). No matter what the size of your stream, greater MIND will produce greater force – and as a consequence power – during the turbine.

These conversions are helpful:

  • 1 straight foot = 0.433 pounds per square inch (psi) pressure
  • 1 psi = 2.31 vertical feet

Precision is crucial whenever measuring HEAD. It not only impacts power, but also determines the type of turbine to make use of (particularly a Francis or Pelton design), along with the hydrodynamic design associated with the turbine buckets or blades. An altimeter can be handy in calculating Head for preliminary website evaluation, but really should not be employed for the last measurement. It really is rather typical for affordable barometric altimeters to reflect mistakes of 150 feet or higher, even when calibrated. GPS altimeters are often even less accurate.

There are two main precise means of measuring HEAD: direct distance measurement, and liquid stress.

You can use a surveyor’s transportation, a contractor's level on a tripod, or a level taped to a right board determine mind. You'll also need a-pole with graduated dimensions. (A measuring tape affixed to a 20' section of PVC pipe is very effective.) Direct dimension calls for an assistant.

As shown inside diagram, make a few vertical measurements with the transit level together with vertical measuring pole. Make sure each transit setup is strictly degree, and make certain the measuring pole is vertical. Keep detail by detail records at each step, and add up the series of measurements (A, B, C, D, etc.) to find complete MIND.

If distance is brief adequate, you need to use a number of yard hoses to measure Head. This technique utilizes the continual that all vertical foot of HEAD creates 0.433 psi of liquid pressure. (10 vertical feet would develop 4.33 psi.) By calculating the stress inside hose, you are able to determine the height modification of system.

Operate the hose pipe (or hoses) from your own suggested consumption web site towards suggested turbine area. If you connect numerous hoses collectively, make sure each link is tight and leak-free. Connect a precise pressure meter on bottom end of the hose and totally fill the hose pipe with liquid. Make sure there are no large spots inside hose might trap air.

If required, you can easily determine complete MIND over much longer distances by moving the hose(s) and taking multiple readings. Keep in mind, however, that there surely is less than a half-psi huge difference for every single vertical base. With the exception of extremely high hillsides, also a hundred foot hose may drop just a few straight legs. The possibility for error substantially increases with a number of low-Head readings. Make use of the longest possible hose pipe, alongside an extremely precise stress meter, determine HEAD. Pressure meter must be graduated making sure that measurements are consumed the midst of pressure gauge's range. Avoid using a 0 - 800 PSI measure determine 5 -15 PSI pressure. Select rather a 0 - 30 PSI measure.

By tracking these actual dimensions, you have got determined Gross Head. As explained later in processing web mind, but the effective Head in the nozzle is clearly lower when water starts to flow, because pipeline (penstock) rubbing. An adequately created pipeline will yield a Net mind of about 85%-90percent for the Gross mind you sized.

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