Problems with hydroelectric power

February 18, 2015
Problems with Hydroelectric

Hydropower is a key supply for green electrical energy generation and possesses an important potential become promoted as green energy. There has been a considerable boost in the number of hydroelectric energy flowers in recent years in Turkey. While offering ecological benefits from a worldwide point of view, eg weather change mitigation, emergency administration, and reduced total of floods danger, the operation and construction of hydroelectric energy flowers may cause some ecological effects in the local and regional degree. Included in these are injury to fish communities, a loss of aquatic habitat, a significant change in all-natural movement regimes, and deterioration regarding the landscape. The content aims to advise various ways to solve these problems, and research the problems of 24 hydroelectric energy flowers managed and built on dams, streams, and canals by the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) or exclusive sector within the Buyuk Menderes Basin plus the western Mediterranean Basins in chicken.

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