Hydro energy Resources

December 2, 2020
Its hydro-energy resources

As Australia’s leading green power company, Hydro Tasmania produces an unbelievable amount of energy for the Australian market.

Every year, we produce around 9000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electrical energy from hydropower – our green power. That’s enough electricity to energy over 50, 000 small enterprises in Australia!!

The way we create hydropower

We now have an integral hydropower system which harnesses energy from six significant liquid catchments. Our bodies has a total capability of over 2600 megawatts and includes 30 power programs, 55 major dams and various other infrastructure. Discover more

We’re thinking forward

At Hydro Tasmania, we just take a long-lasting view to ensure our system can offer Australians with a dependable way to obtain energy when it comes to future. We also handle our risks in a way that permits us to react quickly towards everyday and seasonal changes of the market.

Take a look at this video to see the work we finished within Poatina energy facility and exactly how we worked to lessen effects from the downstream community.

Source: www.hydro.com.au
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