Hydraulic power plants

October 27, 2022

Image: Diagram explaining the range of our work

Track record-installation for hydraulic power stations

All types of hydraulic power stations, including moved storage space power stations

Venture range

The scope of your work includes building (design, production, and set up) and preventive maintenance (modification construction boost construction).

Installing 86, 000-kW Kaplan turbine

Photograph: installing of 86-MW Kaplan turbineThis shows the installation of the runner for a 86, 000-kW Kaplan turbine on an overseas site. The water turbine runner had been sent through the factory in Japan, had been assembled, and installed on location.
The runner weights 130 tons and it has 7.4 m diameter.

Installing ten 216, 000-kW liquid turbines and generators

That is section of a hydraulic power station with 10 water turbines and generators with ability of 216, 000 kW. Aside from the main liquid turbine and generator equipment, we setup a 720-ton expense crane, the primary transformer, and peripheral gear.
The building duration was required 10 years right away of building to commercial operation.

Installation of a 250, 000-kW generator

This indicates the installation of the rotor of a 250, 000-kW generator for a hydraulic energy station. The rotor weighed an overall total of 700 tons, and ended up being put together on-site during a period of 6 months which were brought to the website. After set up, the rotor was put in in its designed area using a 720-ton expense crane.

Photograph: installing 250-MW generatorLifting a 216, 000-kW liquid turbine

This shows a 216, 000-kW liquid turbine runner being lifted. (Offshore)
The extra weight of this liquid turbine runner had been 180 tons, but there was clearly no lifting equipment at slot nearby the web site, so a ship with a derrick crane was chartered and transported from Japan.

Tasks in Venezuela

We have been mixed up in construction of a big hydraulic energy place on the Caroni River into the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for over three decades since 1978. The gross production of Caroni River task is approximately 18 million kW, which can be comparable to the production of 18 huge nuclear energy programs.

photo: installing of ten 216-MW liquid turbines and generators photo: installing 216-MW generator photo: Guri hydraulic energy section Photograph: Macagua hydraulic power place

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