Construction and working of hydro power plant

August 12, 2022
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The power of moving water is utilised to create electricity on a large scale at hydroelectric power plants. This is certainly another old-fashioned source of energy based on streaming water. Dams tend to be constructed over the waterfalls to derive electrical power from it.

The water moving in a river is gathered by building a higher increase dam. This stored liquid is then permitted to fall through the the surface of the reservoir to a water turbine located in the bottom of the dam. The fast paced liquid rotates the blades for the water turbine, which rotates the armature of this generator and produces electricity.

schematic view of a hydro power-plant

Water-flowing in high altitude rivers is stored in a man-made reservoir as shown when you look at the figure. The kinetic power associated with streaming liquid is changed into prospective power because the water-level rises. This liquid is carried through pipes into the turbine situated at the end associated with dam. Water turbine has actually cup-shaped discs around its circumference. A jet of going water rotates water turbine rapidly which rotates the shaft which will be attached with its centre. Another end for the shaft is attached to the coil of a power generator. The generator coil rotates and produces electrical energy.

It has been calculated the complete hydroelectric power potential in Asia is about 4 x 1011 kilowatt-hours but just 11% of the total potential has been utilized thus far.

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